No stress in Brasil

Cumbuco is a small fishing village that grew into a nice beach destination 27 kilometers north of Fortaleza. This cozy little village has attracted more and more tourists, both domestic and international. The reason for this is simple; Cumbuco has the most beautiful, and quiet, beach near Fortaleza on one side of town and the famous sand dunes on the other side. Cumbuco also has perfect conditions for kite surfing and wind surfing. The small, but always busy, center is build around the main square, as in every Brazilian town, which has a fresh fish market, a church and, of course, the football area.

Cumbuco is a popular beach for all kinds of visitors, family couples, and kite surfers love Cumbuco, a village that offers many activities besides the beach life. Go for an adventures beach buggy ride in the sand dunes or enjoy the calm waters of Lagoa do Banana the lake just behind the sand dunes in Cumbuco where kids can enjoy a banana boat ride or for those who like more action Jet Ski can be rented there as well.

The distance to the village from Casa Kariri is 1,2 km and within  af few minutes you are on the beach (160 meter).Since last year the beautiful ECO Residence is build right on the other side of the street of casa Kariri and two years.

Relaxing in the evening at Casa Kariri


During the evening casa Kariri offers lot of different spaces to chill like the pool-area, barbecue space, the outside area  in front of the house with hammocks or the veranda upstairs that gives you the opportunity to watch beauifull sunsets or just on you own private balcony. to look at the tropical garden or pool.